Training 1e Single Row to Page

Typical Shed Page

This is what you see if you create on a new page of one row. It could have separate text blocks appended, but still be one row.

30px at top & bottom of the row. ie page

In this form you can normally edit in Classic Mode / Visual Editor

Good idea to start using enforced paragraph code to avoid paragraph stripping when moving from text to visual and Back End Modes

This is for normal paragraph text and not headings, or tables

<p class=””>para text etc</p> Note the <> has to be entered in text mode. However once entered you can use visual mode. The save and work in Visual Mode


Text para 0

Text para 1

Text para 2

Text para 3

Text para 4

In the above paras, para 1 entered in text mode, then moved to Visual mode and other paras entered in that mode, pressing enter at the end of the para

Sample Table

 Date  Title  Description  Links & Maps
 16 Mar 2016  Trip to Bogabilla  A rough long cycle  Pictures | Map | Reference Doc
 36 Mar 2017

[p style=”” ]Your paragraph of text here ie just use a hyphen -. Or if you dont like the hyphen then use the code that follows on first text line under [end p] [p style=”padding-top:10px”]Text Para 5[/p] [the above is using [br style=”clear:both;” /]

Text para 5

Text para 6

Heading 3

Text para 7

Text para 8

Text para 9