Walking Activities


Walks will expose members to some of nature around and within Canberra, as well as getting some exercise. Most walks will be designed to be undertaken within 3-4 hours from start to finish including breaks and be no more than 10-15Km and include climbs of no more than 200 metres in total. However there may be an occasion where we could go to Namadgi and do a half day walk including longer overall climbs. Generally walks will be held every two weeks on a Thurs with walks alternating between easy social strolls around simple locations like Belconnen versus more challenging scenic walks. Please read BEFORE WALKING on things you need to do and bring for walking. See the Checklist and also check the BOM Canberra forecast. Please read the information on the Shed Insurance issues and its limitations. Non Shed members must understand the policy does not apply to them and thus if they walk they do so at their own risk

CCT Tuggers

Walking the CCT down in Tuggers

Social Walks: See web page

Click here for Walks Program current & past in Excel format (Note: if you open from this link rather than download you will see a Google Docs version)

During the first 8 FYs: Jul 2010/11 through to 2017/18 we held a total of 183 walks, averaging ~23 per year, plus we have had at least 28 Social Walks by mid 2019

Walks Contacts and Time of Walks

Below is the program of walks. If you have any comments or suggestions please email the shed email or direct to Greg. These are all scheduled on a Thursday. If you feel like you could lead one or more walks, or suggest walks please contact Greg (Mob 0447 292 699 ) Email: [email protected], or Drew McDonald (Mob: 0467 615 760) Email: [email protected], or the committee.

Walkers will need to meet at the shed 30 minutes before the start time of a walk unless otherwise stated, and share transport or make their own way to the starting point. If you intend the latter please email first so that you can be allowed for as well as obtaining the exact start location. Please also ensure you have the correct meeting place

Visitors. Your welcome to join us as long as your capable. We are not power walkers (most of us are retired older gents) but please read up things you should consider & carry on a walk. If in doubt call one of the numbers above

Canberra Centenary Trail (CCT) – we did the trail in sections between 2014 & May 2016. Information on the trail and links to our files

Maps shown are either GPS Map View from Oziexplorer using OzRaster Maps with permission of © BKK Enterprises Pty Ltd, http://www.gpsoz.com.au for newer style maps or using the older TopoView Maps with permission of NSW Land & Property Information for display. We also use Open Street Maps (OSM) for NSW especially the cycle version as it shows paths better. This is an open source product

Currently walks start from the commencement location of the walk at: 8.00AM for Dec-Feb, 8.30AM for Mar-May & Sep-Nov, 9.00/9.30AM for Jun-Aug (meeting time is usually 30 minutes earlier at the Shed. Sometimes it may be earlier or later or another meeting place. Check each walk for details) (Up to Dec 2013 commencements were 8.30AM for Dec-Mar, 9.00AM for Apr-May, 9.30AM for Jun-Aug, 9.00AM for Sep-Nov)

Feb 2019 –  Social Walks suspended until later in 2019 | Album of pictures containing Don Gruber on Shed Walks. This covers from July 2010 until Feb 2016

A walk in nature can be good for your head, your happiness and your relationship – Thanks to John Arundel for this


Scheduled Walks
Walks to start at 8.30/9.00AM for Mar-May (Meet usually 8.00/8.30AM at the Shed. Check each walk for actual meeting time & place)
Date Location Description Pictures, Maps
1 Aug
Yass River & Town Walk Meet at the Shed by 8.30AM and drive to Yass to park in the Rail Museum car park along Crago St. Turn left at second roundabout you come across, its just after Woolworths. Then we will walk down the main St for 375m turn right into Meehan St, then walk along Meehan for 150m before turning left to visit the Banjo Patterson statue. Behind the park there are toilets on the left and a bubbler nearby.Then we shall walk down a concrete path through parkland, across Rossi St then further for 350m down to the path along the Yass River banks. Continuing right we walk another 330m to Flat Rock Crossing area where we take a path on the right along the gorge. We shall walk around 1.5Km along the gorge with the track getting rougher and vaguer as we approach the dam.The last part is easy walking over grassy land but climbing 20-30m higher to get a view over the dam and lake. We then back track down to the river, crossing on a causeway then we push trough some more grassland with some prickly scrub to zig zag around before reaching a bitumen road.Then its back along the road and then path down to Flat Rock Crossing again taking 1.4km from the dam view. Then we walk along the north west bank of the river, under the road bridge and then up onto the railway line track and following it all the way back to the cars for 1.8km. Medium walk of around 6Km with some climbing overall from altitude of 495m at the start to a low of 480m on the river to a max height of 520m. After the walk we can stop for coffee etc at Kaffeine 2582 not far from the Railway Museum Car Park. After coffee we can do a short extra drive (5.2Km return) out to Hume’s grave near the Cemetery as well as Thomas Laidlaw’s grave on Handley Pl (Riverview Est) on the way back as it also offers a great view over Yass. Map of walk | Wider Map |  gpx file | Munnagai Yerribi Trail
15 Aug
Murrumbidgee & Urambi Hills Meet at the Shed by 8.30AM and drive to car park on Learmonth Dr, just off Athllon Drive. Turn right into Athllon Dr from Drakeford Drive, then right into Learmonth St and drive up 200m and park on the left on the grass. The we shall walk down the nature reserve parallel to the fence, then down along the fence along some of Athllon Dr, then turn right or west & follow track down to Tuggeranong Ck, then we continue along the edge of the creek until we join with the Murrumbidgee River track after about 600m. The we walk along this track until we get to point G39. We then pass through or climb over this gate & follow a fence line up 1.2Km past several dams until we meet the NHT (Nat Horse trail) just SE of Ferrier Place, Kambah. We then follow the NHT & then a footpad over Mt Urambi & back to the cars. Medium walk with some climbing overall. Murrumbidgee around 550m Urambi Hill around 710m. Distance is around 8.9Km. Coffee at Kambah or maybe Lyons ie ‘Stand by Me’ or Chifley, Woden Map of walk | gpx file
29 Aug
Harrison Suburban Walk Meet at the Shed by 8.30AM and drive to car park for the Playing Fields on Nullabor Ave just past Primary School. Best route up GDE, right into Well Station Dr, then left into Hoskins St, then right into Oodgeroo Ave, then right into Nullarbor Ave, then over Tram Lines. We shall then walk down Old Well Stn trail, then left and along boundary of private property and around next to Orimiston Cct, Albratross Cres, finally Thunder Cct, then north across to Adder St, then across Nullarbor Ave again to Mullion park, then north along Keppel St, then east along Cultivation St, then left or north again across Mapelton Ave, then next to Megalong Cres, then left and down a path next to Gungaderra Ck, then across playing fields then down Wimmera St to a right into Windjana St, then down Flemington Rd for coffee at the Blind Dove Cafe. Then return to cars 700m back to the NE. Easy walk. Distance is around 6.6Km. Map of walk | gpx file | Biography of Campbell



Planning Possible Walks for 2019
Date Location Description Pictures, Maps
Harder More Scenic Walks
TBA Map of walk  | gpx file
TBA Map of walk | gpx file
TBA Map of walk | gpx file
Easier Walks
TBA Gungaderra Ck in Franklin Easy. Park near Harrison school. ~5Km walk Map of walk  | gpx file
TBA McLeods Ck NR Just east of Gundaroo. ~ 5Km, Easy
TBA BNT Tallaganda La Between Mulligans Flat Rd & Murrumbateman Rd. ~12Km along country road. Part of National Trail. Easy-Medium
TBA Goorooyaroo NR NSW Off Yass Road. Medium-Hard walk along border in restricted area due to possibility of unexploded ordinance (UXO)



Current Walk Requests from Members



Deferred Walks
Location Description Pictures, Maps



Guide to Grades

Grade Description
Easy should be fairly simple walks on tracks or grassy ground with minimal altitude change. Typically would be a max of 2 hrs and 4-7Km walking
Easy-Medium should be similar to Easy but might involve some small amount of climbing or slightly longer distance. Typically would be a max of 3 hrs and 8-10Km walking
Medium really aimed at the Scenic type of walk with some climbing, maybe more difficult navigating. 3 hrs or 10-12Km walking
Medium-Hard is probably the hardest we should attempt. Essentially similar to Medium but with more intense climbing or longer distance. Good examples are Mt Majura, Mt Taylor, Max 4.0 hrs or 15Km
Hard for the experienced. Typically a lot of off track walking in difficult terrain or long distances or a lot of altitude change ie 25Km or 6 hrs ie Mt Tennent, Cotter Gap

Guide to Social Trips or Scenic Harder Trips

Grade Description
Easy Social trips need to be Easy or Easy-Medium and involve minimal climbing or minimal off track walking taking no longer than 2.5 hrs and 8Km length
Scenic trips will mostly be Easy-Medium to Medium-Hard with some climbing involved and maybe some off track walking. Possible might take up to 3.5 hrs and be 12Km length

Guide to Locations

Area Description
Belconnen that area normally part of Belconnen
Gungahlin that area normally part of Gungahlin
Central that area that covers North Canberra, South Canberra, Woden, and Civic
Tuggeranong that area south of Weston and Mt Taylor
Queanbeyan that area east of the Lake, Fyshwick and Monaro Highway
Weston-Stromlo that area south of the Molonglo and west of the Parkway down to Kambah Pool
Namadgi Namadgi National Park and Tidbinbilla