Melba Shed Newsletters

Melba Shed newsletters commenced in September 2009. Note on 23rd September 2011 we reached 100 newsletters. On 4th October 2013 we reached 200 newsletters. On 10th October 2014 we reached 250 newsletters & on 16th Oct 2015 we reached 300 newsletters. On 27th Oct 2017 we reached 400 Newsletters. On 15th Nov 2019 we reached 500 Newsletters

All the newsletters are in Adobe pdf format. Download Newsletters from the following Google Drive link. Link to all Melba Shed Newsletters Click on the relevant newsletter and it will open from within Google Drive. You can then also select to download it if desired.

Older and previous years newsletters are in subfolder Archived Newsletters. You can click on it to open the subfolder if you need to view older newsletters.

A link to the Newsletters is also on the Home page

Editors Wanted for Shed Newsletter? Phil has been doing this job since September 2009 & it’s time for a change. The Newsletter is issued weekly & is prepared using Microsoft Word. If you have modest writing & Word skills then you can perform this role. Naturally Phil will provide required training & ongoing support. Phil is now supported by Paul McCarthy.

Maybe you don’t want to be permanent editor but would be happy to go on a roster with other interested members. Either way, please contact Phil on 0428 581 935 or if you can assist with Newsletter releases. So far Geoff Grimmett, Drew McDonald have been trained; however one or two more would be welcomed.

Other Newsletters

Various other newsletters are available from Mens Sheds and Associations.

AMSA produces its own newsletters from time to time

Beyond Blue forums has replaced The Shed Online

Mens Shed Australia also used to produce its own newsletters but also seems to have dropped newsletters lately

Link to AMHF (Australian Mens Health Forum) and emale (Greg Millan) Newsletters