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23 Oct 2020 – The Shed Reopened

51 members attended and enjoyed some feedback from members on their Corona Virus experiences

From the President

Please stay home if you have been to a COVID-19 hotspot within the past 14 days or if you are feeling unwell.   Despite what may have happened at any social gatherings you have been attending, this will be a Formal Shed Meeting.

We must abide by all the requirements of the ACT Government COVID-19 Safe Event Plan as well as North Belconnen Uniting Church Risk Management Plan and our own Risk Management Plan.  We have a checklist of actions that we must follow.  Please read the following checklist carefully. If you cannot abide by these requirements, please stay home.

We all look forward to a time when we can once again meet in a relaxed manner in the Don Gruber Room, but until then we must all play our part in staying safe.

Conditions for a COVID-19 Aware Melba Shed Meeting

If you are comfortable with these requirements then please arrive between 9.30 am and 10.00 am.

  • Practise social distancing of 1.5 metres at all times.
  • Facemasks are voluntary, you are welcome to wear one but you will need to provide your own.
  • Sanitise your hands on entry to the Church Building.
  • Log in with the attendance desk that will be just inside the door.
  • Place a gold coin donation in the box. No change can be given.
  • Take your name badge and at the end of the meeting take it with you for the next meeting.
  • Tea/coffee will be dispensed from the servery. Give your order and wait to be served.  Maintain social distancing.
  • Move away from the servery as soon as you have your tea/coffee.
  • Return your cup to the servery when you have finished. Please don’t try to help by returning other members’ cups.  
  • When you move into the main hall, please select a chair to sit upon and stay on it.  Please don’t change chairs even if you really want to go and sit with your mate/s.
  • At the end of the meeting, please leave your chair where it is and move out in an orderly manner when asked to do so by the President.
  • Please don’t try to help by putting the chairs away.
  • After exiting the Church Building, immediately move away and disperse.

23 Sep 2020 – Stellas by the Lake Cafe open. The replacement for Black Pepper cafe near the mall where the cyclists met opened on 21 Sep and is open from 6.30AM. Some cyclists have started to meet there again from around 8AM. See their facebook site for infoYou can see their location on Google Maps

Around half of the Shed cyclists still go to the Capital Kitchen on Benjamin Way for their coffee fix.

Aug 2020 – Cafe Cesars open at Florey Shops. See them on Facebook. The original pop up coffee shop and cafe was Bolivars. Its been relaunched and improved as Cesars

2020 During the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic Periods. Our last formal Shed meeting was on 23rd March. After this we did not hold any formal meetings. The Cyclists & Walkers recommenced activities on week starting 11th May. The weekly Newsletter had a range on articles from members on the history of their families, or research projects they were undertaking.   The Newsletters are all available online as a pdf file here

7 Jul 2020 – The 7 Hardest No-Equipment Exercises, Ranked

This covers a range of no equipment exercises including squats, burpees, push ups, hollow rock, HIIT exercises  (From Pocket News Hits. Source Wellgood)

7 Jul 2020 – The 6 Golden Rules of Eating for Longevity, According to the Longest-Living People on Earth and more

This covers a range of healthy eating tips which I am sure you beer and chips guys will appreciate  (From Pocket News Hits. Source Wellgood)

6 Jul 2020 – Keeping Fit: How to Do the Right Exercise for Your Age

As we get older, our bodies benefit from different types of exercise. Here’s a guide for all ages (From Pocket News Hits) Go to the end to read about those 70s and older

2 Jul 2020 – The Minimalist’s Strength Workout

Five exercises that will guarantee you have the strength to adventure all weekend, well into your eighties (From Pocket News Hits)

The Previous Shed UC exercises in a pdf file from Jon Beale’s time

29 Jun 2020 – Google collects a frightening amount of data about you. You can find and delete it nowGoogle will auto-delete data — for some users — but only after a year and a half. You can do better than that. We’ll show you how. (From Pocket News Hits)

15 Jun 2020 – Whoa: This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Enough Water

Start sipping. This tells us how drinking water can really help our health. (From Pocket News Hits)

15 Jun 2020 – 8 Simple Tips to Live Longer and Healthier

Turns out extending your lifespan is pretty damn easy. Just follow these definitive, scientific, time-tested methods. (From Pocket News Hits)

9 Jun 2020 – How to take screenshots with Windows 10 Snip & Sketch.  To take a screenshot with Windows 10 Snip & Sketch, just press the Windows Icon on the keyboard plus SHIFT S and select the area you want to copy. You will get several options you can choose from the top of the window. From Phil. See Newsletter #528 12th June 2020

1 Jun 2020 – Hardening Your Home Router

This article came from an Acronis newsletter. With so many people working remotely, cybercriminals are aggressively attacking home networks. Securing your router, the gateway to your data, is highly recommended. See this article to get useful information to achieve this.

1 Jun 2020 – Here are the reliable health websites that can help start the right conversations with your doctor
This article came from HCF in their current monthly email newsletter. The link offers a list of reliable health websites

19 May 2020 – Exercising for Immunity? Provided by
This article came from this physio company I have used in the past. They are based at Kippax and Deakin

3 Apr 2020 – Phil Laird – Setting up WhatsApp Group Messaging System (from 2020-04-10 Melba Shed Newsletter #519)

Phil has set up a messaging group using WhatsApp for your mobile phone and/or PC. The desktop app is available for Windows 8+ (64 bit) and Mac OS X 10.10+ and is synced with WhatsApp on your mobile device. WhatsApp will allow us you to keep in touch with the group of people that matter the most, like our families, friends and specially, our Shed Members. With group chats, we can share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 people at once. Ed Note only 8 people can participate at a time in a group live chat (not 256)

WhatsApp uses your phone or PC’s Internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees. You can phone or video call other users but the desktop versions do not support video calls or voice calls. With voice calls, you can talk to your friends and family for free (other than usual data charges), even if they’re in another country. With video calls, you can have face-to-face conversations. WhatsApp voice and video calls use your phone’s Internet connection, instead of your cell plan’s voice minutes, so you don’t have to worry about expensive calling charges. WhatsApp allows you to send or receive PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, photos and videos and more, without the hassle of email or file sharing apps. You can send documents up to 100 MB, so it’s easy to get what you need over to who you want.

For members to join the group, just install WhatsApp (if you don’t have it already) and let Phil know. he will then issue an invitation for you to join the group. Any messages you send whilst using the Melba Shed group will be received by every other member of the group unless you elect to send it privately. You can, of course, also send messages and make voice or video calls etc to any Shed Members, friends etc who you have added to your WhatsApp contact list.

If you want to join the Melba Shed WhatsApp Group please send a fresh email to indicating that you have installed WhatsApp and that you are willing to have your name and phone number given to other members in the Shed Group. You will then get an invitation for you to join the group. Questions; then please give Phil a call on 0428 581 935

12 Mar 2020 – Security Issues with Melba Shed web site – Note it has been advised that a couple of users found issues trying to access Melba Shed. They used Norton’s Security software which advised them that was a dangerous page. Checking this out it appears that Norton’s shows Melba Shed with:-
Computer Threats: 0; Identity Threats: 0; Annoyance factors: 0   –   Total threats on this site: 0   Yet it still rates MelbaShed as dangerous. They have been asked to re-assess as the rating doesn’t make sense.
Google rates Melba Shed’s Safe Browsing site status as a Green tick and “No unsafe content found”

7 Feb 2020 – Arthritis Australia commenced exercise classes at the Shed. The starting date had been delayed until Friday 7 February because some of the Arthritis Australia staff involved have been directly affected by the recent bushfires. The cost is $10.00 per session for attendees. Before starting the exercises you need to fill out two forms which can be downloaded here. Exercises continue every Friday. Photos of some of the activities from the 1st session on 7th Feb 2020.

Exercises were suspended after 20 Mar 2020 due to Corona Virus assembly restrictions

Previously 11th Oct 2019 Exercise Classes – Tori finished her stint (3rd May – 11th Oct) with us as leader of the Exercise Group. The last class were held on Friday 11 Oct as Tori Montgomery-Martin from UC started a new job.  Tori ran these further exercise classes, similar to the ones provided in March 2016 by Jon Beale. Each session, cost $5. It continued every Friday before the Shed Meeting. The previous Excercises in a pdf file format from June 2016 – Tori has had an expression of interest from Arthritis ACT in regard to taking over the group class. Their physiologist Sophie Bullock could do the job although they would charge us $10 a session each. Pictures of Toris’ last exercise class. After Sophie’ talk on 6th Dec Roger has announced that we will consider starting Exercise Sessions with Arthritis ACT in Jan 2020 for $10 a person per session, later updated to 7th Feb start.

Shed Notices

Shed Etiquette – See here

13 Sep 2019 – Deposits on cans, bottles etc. Ted Kell proposed a scheme to assist Shed finances in June. It involves members bringing along used bottles & cans which are subject to the 10 cent deposit scheme (beer and soft drink containers, including things such as Yakult, but not wine bottles). They can be left in the blue basket in the store room and Ted will take them to the recycling centre and deposit the receipts into the Shed’s funds. Ted said that the numbers of cans and bottles being left have dropped off. So bring in any bottles, cans etc that have had a 10c deposit paid on them and Ted will take them in to the recycling centre. Alternatively, you can take them into the container return centre yourself. To have the refunds paid into the Shed’s accounts they should be deposited using Ted’s mobile number, which is linked to the Shed’s bank account (0438 481 350).

12th April 2019 – Amy Nussio who presented at the Shed on 22 March 2019 on ‘Driving in Later Life’ has asked that Members be reminded about the research opportunity ‘Living with Dementia and Driving Study’ details of which are on Page 3 of Newsletter #471 of 26th April. If you are interested, Amy will be happy to meet personally with any Member wanting in finding out more about this opportunity. She may be contacted on 0457 779 766 on any Monday or Tuesday and on alternate Wednesdays

1 Mar 2019 – Shed DVDs – A couple of hundred DVDs are in the Shed’s DVD library in the store room (thanks to David Ruthven). You can borrow any DVD but please remember to return it once you have watched it. Also, anyone who has DVDs they no longer want could add them to the library.

17th Sep 2018 – Accessing and Using NSW SIX Maps and Other Options

Brian Wells still collects second hand glasses. He is also from Sep 2019 collecting Hearing Aids (ie spectacles) & cases from members who no longer can use theirs  as well as out of date medications and passes them onto less advantaged countries. he does this by taking the items to Sister Kim at the Bonner location of the Congregation of Mary Queen of Peace where they are sent to those in need in Vietnam. See here

24th Aug 2018 – David Ruthven has a 10’ by 5’ trailer, which he is willing to loan to anyone who needs something bigger than the standard trailer to move furniture etc. Contact David is 0487 222 585

Viewing Shed Google Photos Albums – The Pictures TAB at the top of the web site will take you to an archive site for Picasa which will still show any albums uploaded from Picasa desktop in some strange order. Click on this for more info on Using & Managing Google Photos

Living Item for Shed Members (ie Pension Issues, Passes, Discounts, Health, etc)

12th Oct 2019 – 2019 Spring edition of the Seniors Card Scoop! with information on getting Seniors discounts etc

ACT Seniors Card Discount Directory

Feb 2020 – Living with Dementia and Driving – Uni QLD

25th Sep 2019 – Upgrading a Laptop with an SSD Drive

8th Mar 2019 –  Free Movie Tickets for DVA Gold Card Holders. Adrian Shee advised us that Dendy Canberra gave him a free movie pass as he had a Gold Card. An internet search found that Hoyts, Dendy & Greater Union all offer DVA Gold Card holders one free pass per day, conditions apply. Hoyts excludes after 6PM or School or Public Holidays

6th Dec 2018 – Dog Walks in Canberra – Do you own a dog and are looking for great dog-walking track guides for our city? Why not click on the this link, where the site contain terrific information and maps about numerous walks around Canberra that are suitable for dogs. It also provides great links and information about all major issues relating to owning dogs in Canberra e.g. dog accommodation, training, welfare etc. This link was the basis of the recent walk around Yarralumla 

30th Jun 2017 – Securing IDs – One member advised us to look at securing our IDs & bank accounts. People can also get a free credit check one a year and also check with ID Care to secure their own ID data. Tel 1300 432 273. Info on Credit Reports & Bans Also info from The Office of the Aust Info Commissioner 

Member & Friends Information

Yin Yoga – North Belco Uniting Church – Every Tue evening 7.30-8.30PM – Enjoy benefits of Yoga – Gentle stretching, fully qualified instructor, Judith, flexible commitments (no RSVPs), $5 per evening. These 1 hour classes are a great way to take time out & enjoy some gentle & invigorating floor exercises, set against some relaxing music or poetry. Arrive 10 minutes early if you can. No RSVP is needed & there is no commitment to long-term attendance. An enjoyable way to give yourself some breathing space in your busy week & develop your core strengths via safe, stressfree exercises for all levels of fitness. Bring a yoga or exercise mat, cushion & light blanket with you

2014 – Open letter from North Belconnen Day Centre – It meets in the Church building. Any Melba Shed member is welcome to talk to Jeanette Branch on 6258 5784 if they have friends, family or neighbours, men or women, who would benefit from the day centre activities or whose families / carers would benefit from respite by those they care for accessing NBDC sessions (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 10am-2pm)

Health Items of Interest to the Shed

Items or Services for Sale