We’d been invited to Orbost to visit their Shed,

“You can come for a few days”, that’s what Tom said,

“You’ll enjoy your visit, we are sure you will agree,

And cruise on the Snowy, to where it enters the sea”.


We were to travel in the Bus, to be driven by Don,

Or in Phil’s 4 Wheel Drive, with Pete’s trailer upon,

To carry our bags, and all our breakfast things,

And the cover to be fastened with zips and strings.


We left the Melba Shed in a ‘bit of a state’,

No names, no pack-drill (but ‘someone’ was late),

And then at Bombala, ‘Sugar Jon’ caused a din,

“My coffee’s too sweet!”   “Oops! I’m Sorry, Jim”.


Got to the Orbost Shed, for a belated lunch,

The guys at the Shed are a wonderful bunch,

They showed us around, explained things in full,

About what they make; including a ‘ring-pull’.


To St Andrew’s Church for some Afternoon Tea,

At which Padre Bruce gave us a talk, you see,

About the Frontier Services and the Snowy Patrol,

In wilderness country, they keep it under control.


Then around the corner, book into the Motel,

Later, a walk up to dinner, at Marshall’s Hotel,

‘The Pub at the Top’, with a sweet Young Maid,

Who plied us with beers, and there we stayed.


On Wednesday morning, back to the Shed,

For some morning tea, and then we were led,

Down to the coast and aboard the P S Curlip,

Cruise the Snowy River, on a paddle boat trip.

We had lunch at Marlo, at the Angler’s Club Hall,

Then at Orbost Regional Health, the CEO told us all,

About the Clinic, the GP’s, and all the other teams,

And they support their Shed; a great setup it seems.


Wednesday night’s dinner was with the Rotary Club,

This time it was down at the town’s “Bottom Pub”,

There were laughs and fines and heaps of good cheer,

Mr President’s no golfer; well, that’s what we hear.


Thursday morning, again, there’s no breakfast in bed,

Stand out in the car park, “get your own” instead,

“Pack the trailer, check the rooms, leave nowt behind”,

But can you believe it?  Some Shedders are blind.


Back into town, near Marshall’s Pub on the hill,

We had more things to see in this country town still,

There’s one big Office for Departments of Government,

For Bushfires, Fisheries, Sustainability and Environment.


Down to the Shed, again, for some morning tea,

So we ‘traded’ some jokes, and it was plain to see,

That we’d better leave soon, so we won’t be late,

Getting home that night, from this southern State.


“But before you go, we’ve organised some lunch,

At the ‘bottom pub’, they’re a pretty good bunch”,

So we finally left Orbost, at about half-past-one,

To head north for Canberra, into the afternoon sun.


We’ve had some ‘late mail’, from Tom Davis, our friend,

He’s submitted his pictures, and the story he penned,

To the local paper, that’s “The Snowy River Mail”,

We’ll be infamous in Orbost, when they read his Tale.


(© John Burrowes - November 2010)