The boys from Men’s Shed are rejoicing,

They’re full of unrestrained joy

The object of their ecstasy?

An exciting brand new toy!

Yes, their Ferrari has arrived

With beauty and features galore,

And she’s set to make their lives easier

What red-blooded bloke could ask for more?

There’s been many a sharp intake of breath

As they’ve cast their eyes along her length,

And a perceptible purr of pacemakers

As they’ve marvelled at her strength!

They reckon she’s not much good under the bushes

But in the long grass she’s really beaut.

She’s comfortable, easy to get started

And from a blokes perspective considerably cute?!

Now, I reckon they’ll all be thinking they’ve died

And gone to heaven up above,

Guess there’s just no accounting

For the contraptions our fellas love!!

Now, if a bloke should go missing

The girls will know exactly where he’ll be found

He’ll be over at Men’s Shed

Driving that bloody mower round and round!!