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Business Plan for the period 2014-15

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On the 9th Feb 2015 the Shed was advised by Yvette Berry that the ACT Government had approved a grant to the Shed. It as $5,700. It was be used to buy a new laptop to be used for presentations etc plus provision of secure storage and storage shelves at the back of the room under the overhead screen. It was also used to part fund purchase of a modern large screen TV and miscellaneous items

The Shed was successful in receiving a small grant of $2,500 from the Federal Government round of Volunteer Grants for 2009. These funds were used to purchase an overhead projector and screen for use by Shed members and visitors

As part of the National Male Health Policy announced by the PM on 6th May 2010 $3million will be allocated towards supporting the Australian Men’s Shed Association to develop and assist Sheds in Australia. More information on the Mens Issues and Wellbeing for Men page

AMSA & Shed Insurance

13 Dec 2019 – Shed Insurance – The Shed’s committee discussed insurance issues at the first meeting of the new committee. At present, insurance is paid on the basis of 55 members, which is a generous estimate of the average attendance each week. However, there are now over 100 members on the books and some attend only a couple of meetings a year, which means they contribute very little to the insurance.

After carefully considering the issues, the committee has decided that every Shed member should pay an annual fee of $12, which will partly pay for the insurance of about $19 per head. It has the advantage of clearly identifying those who are covered by the insurance, in the event a claim is necessary (some non-members participate in Shed activities, such as cycling). The insurance covers public liability for the Shed and members while they are engaged in Shed activities.

The $12 will become due at the start of each calendar year, which gives us time to collect it before the insurance premium has to be paid in April. Ideally, members will pay by EFT but it will also be possible to pay by cash (more details will be provided in the next month or so).

It is important to note that the current method of collecting funds via the tin next to the sign-on sheet will remain in place. We have regular payments that will continue (rent, electricity, coffee, biscuits, pizza etc) plus the balance of the insurance not covered by the $12 levy and these weekly contributions are our major source of income.

Insurance Details

We use the AMSA provided insurance policies

Details of the Feb 2017 – Feb 2018 policies and related information is below. Firstly read the FAQs. It would seem that most of our activities are covered including bike riding, walking, excursions and even public BBQ fund raising. However one thing is not. Note also the public liability policy excludes coverage for caving, abseiling, rockclimbing, hunting and use of live ammunition, and zorbing, etc

You must seek medical assistance and use Medicare services before seeking any insurance claims through the Shed policy

The  first 3 items below cover items of interest to us. Note the first is an extracted version of Item 13 & 14 from the FAQ below it

Summary of things covered of interest to Melba Shed

AMSA Insurance FAQs – ver 3.0  This is a key document that answers most of your questions

Public and Products Liability Schedule Wording

Industrial Special Risks Schedule

Voluntary Workers Insurance – Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) & Policy Wording

Financial Services Guide Ver 3.6