Short Walks

Short Walks



Don at Melba Primary 2016

Shorter Walks: Don Gruber suggested in 2013 that we could start a social walking activity on the alternate Thurs to the normal walks. It didnt get much traction. More recently (late 2015) Ted Tregillgas & John Mann asked if it could be considered

Concept: those who wish to participate just turn up at the Shed by a certain time & they then decide to undertake a local social type walk starting at the Shed or elsewhere & stopping for coffee on the way or at the end. There is also the possibility of having coffee at the Shed but this will require someone to have a key and also to get supplies. The initial list below is just a guide to get you thinking about possible local walks

Alternative Meeting / Start Locations:

  • Melba Shed, Conley St, Melba (you know this I hope!)
  • Wickens Place (off Bingley Cres) Fraser)
  • Macdermott Place (off Joynton Smith Drive), Western Foreshores of Lake Ginninderra
  • Sanderson Close (at George Simpson Park) south of the old Flynn Primary School

Possible walks:

  • Shed or Wickens Place to Mt Rogers via Spence or Melba tracks with coffee at IGA Spence
  • Through Flynn or along Ginninderra Ck to Charnwood for coffee at Maccas return
  • Shed then along Ginninderra Ck to Evatt return through part of Evatt & Melba
  • Shed down Kingsford Smith through Florey to Black Pepper then around West side of lake, back through Florey under Ginninderra Dr & up Copland Dr ~7.5km)
  • Shed or Macdermott Place then along path & via Copland Drive & then through Florey to Black Pepper & back around part of the Lake (might be a little too far ~9Km). Parking at Macdermott Place might be better as can walk around lake in 6.5Km with short cuts

Coffee Options:

Tony & John 2016

Tony & John 2016

  • Florey Shops outside SupaXpress, cafe Bolivar
  • Spence shops in The Spence Grocer. Can supply cakes and coffee
  • North Belco Baptist Church Cafe L’Amour just off Copland Drive, Evatt (only instant coffee)
  • Charnwood McDonalds. Coffee at MaCafe Bar or Coffee Guru (next to Woolworths) ~5Km
  • Evatt shops. The Power House Espresso Bar
  • MacGregor. Tommy & Me café at the old Macgregor Shops (might be too far ~9Km)
  • Black Pepper, Ha Ha, Birigai Belconnen (if we can walk that far)
  • Ray Osmotherley has offered to make coffee at his place in McGrath St Spence on north edge of Mt Rogers
  • Shed itself. Might be difficult now if Karinya are using it

Future: It is hoped over time some others will step up to lead these shorter more social walks. The start time, location and walks can be adjusted to suit the needs of the walkers. Generally it should entail minimal planning & minimal documentation. We wont bother to GPS every trip or even take photos, except where it might be useful to document a new useful route. A few pics of the guys or coffee locations would be useful but lets not make an album of every walk as its takes too much time & effort.

Walks Contacts and Time of Walks

The following is a draft starter program of shorter walks. If you have any comments or suggestions please email the shed email or direct to Greg. Currently these are all scheduled as a Thursday. If you feel like you could lead or co-ordinate one or more walks, or suggest walks please contact Greg (Tel 6259 3875 or Mob 0447 292 699) Email: [email protected], or  Drew McDonald (Mob: 0467 615 760) Email: [email protected], or the committee.

Planned Short Walks
Walks to start at 8.00AM for Dec-Feb 2017/18
 Date  Location  Description  Pictures, Maps
18 Jan 2018 Thu
 Meet at Shed  Decide on the day
25 Jan 2018 Thu
 Meet at Shed  Decide on the day
1 Feb 2018 Thu
 Meet at Shed  Decide on the day
8 Feb 2018 Thu
 Meet at Shed  Decide on the day


Past Short Walks
Walks to start at 8.00AM for Dec-Feb | 8.30AM for Mar-May & Sep-Nov | 9.00AM for Jun-Aug
Date Location Description Pictures, Maps
11 Jan Thu
Mt Rogers 7 of us walked from the Shed up through Melba to Bainton Cres west end then along Bainton Cres viewing some fluffy sites & large new houses until we could enter Bainton Place where we visited Mike Dwyer and looked at his extensive back yard & vegetable plantations. We entered MT Rogers from his backyard & headed on up to the top. We then siddled around a bit of the top until we could find a way down and continued around until we could find access down at Scharz Place Flynn & then followed a path down until the old Flynn School returning to the Shed along Companion Cres. We only took 2 1/4 hrs for the 6.1Km including several short breaks. Afterwards we retired to Maccas at Charnwood for coffee, cake & Bobs soft serve ice creams. Walkers: Bob S, Tony D, Harry R, John E, John M, Wally K, Greg H Walk map | GPS Files | Google Photos | Link to Mt Rogers Landcare Group with info on sites
21 Dec Thu
Florey 6 of us walked from Melba Shed in Melba through Evatt along Ginninderra Ck to the base of Ginninderra Dam wall taking a wrong turn but getting good views of the valley & below the Dam. We crossed the road at the lights, around a bit of the lake, then a scrubby shortcut to an underpass into Florey. We then visited an NBN FTN Node & Pillar in Musson Close Florey & Greg attempted to explain the cabling concepts. We then visited Florey Shops & had coffee etc at the little Bolivar pop up coffee cart. Then it was north through Florey & back to the Shed. We only took 2 hr 30 mins for the 7.6Km including a 20min coffee break. A reasonable enjoyable & easy walk. Walkers: Bob S, Tony D, Colin Fitz, John E, Wally K, Greg H Walk map | GPS Files | Google Photos
6 Dec Thu
 Charnwood 6 of us walked from Melba Shed in Melba through Flynn to Charnwood then down to McDonalds Charnwood where we had coffee & chatted with one of our other members Ted. We then walked back through Flynn to the Shed. We only took 1 hr 50 mins for the 4.8Km including a 30min coffee break  Walk map | GPS Files | Google Photos
16 Mar
Melba-Spence-Mt Rogers 2 walked (Drew & Peter C) walked through Melba and Spence to Mt Rogers. Coffee at the Spence Grocer then back through Spence and Melba to the Shed
2 Mar
Melba-Evatt 3 members met at the Shed and waited till 8.30AM, and walked to near Lake Ginninderra Dam & then up to Evatt shops for coffee at the bakery & back to the Shed
16 Feb Thu
Umbagong Park – Kippax 8 of us met at the Shed & after some discussion decided to drive to the Umbagong Park carpark off Florey Drive Latham West & then walk to Kippax & back. Then it was through some long grass to keep them all guessing, then on a dirt track & finally on another grassy footpad until we reached the bridge over Ginninderra Ck along Florey Drive. Then it was off the bridge & along another well defined footpad & thence to Kippax & coffee at Cafe Okrich. Somehow we all seemed to get each others order but all was drunk. We then returned back under Southern Cross Drive & took the path down the east side of the creek all the way to the aboriginal grinding grooves. Not easy to find but we think we may have found one. The poor local lady with dog who was there had never heard of any such grooves. Then back across the wooden bridge & to the cars. Easy, 2 hrs including a lengthy coffee break, 4.5km. Walkers: Bob Salmond, Drew McDonald, John Edge, John Marsh, Paul Taylor, Peter Coppin, Tony Danaro, Greg H Walk map | gpx file | kml GE file | Google Photos
9 Feb Thu
Melba Florey
short circuit
7 of us met at the Shed & walked down through the streets & along Kingsford Smith St before taking the “Tunnel Love” to Florey. Then it was along the dirt track across north side of Florey before turning into Maccullum Cct, then Mellor Cct, then around the edge of Florey oval to the shops where we all partook of Coffee etc from the small Bolivar coffee cart. The mind boggled what the Columbian coffee extras were for 50c. Coke! per chance! After solving world peace (thought we had done that!) we headed down past Cycle Surgery and to Tattersall Cres and then down the route of a drain to the underpass under Ginninderra Drive then back along the normal cycle route to the Shed. Thanks to Ian for his plant knowledge. Easy, 2 hrs including stops, 5.1Km Walkers: Allan Bedford, Ian de Plater, John Marsh, Mike Malone, Peter Coppin, Tony Danaro, Greg H Walk map | gpx file | kml GE file | Google Photos
2 Feb Thu
Evatt Spence Melba 6 of us met at the Shed & walked past Copeland College to Evatt then up through Evatt to near the top then across to Spence Grocer for coffee 0r drinks. Was some debate about the Bakery & its nice pies which we should consider next time. We then returned to the near the old Spence Primary School & headed down the paths & back to Melba Shed. Two dropped part way down & headed home. 2 hr plus 30m coffee break, distance 9.0Km. Walkers: Bob S, John E, John M, Peter Coppin, Tony Weir, Greg H Walk map | gpx file | kml GE file | Google Photos
19 Jan Thu 8.00AM Mt Rogers 8 met at the Shed & with Greg leading walked through Flynn up to Mt Rogers, then to the top at the trig, then down through Melba to Melba IGA where coffee is no longer available, and back to the Shed. We mostly all went to Coffee Guru at Charnwood for coffee. Greg was driven there in Ian’s Westfield customised Clubman sportscar. Wow! 1 hr 45m excl coffee break, distance 6.7Km. Walkers: Allan Bedford, Bob S, Ian de Plater, John M, Fitz, Peter Coppin, Tony Danaro, Greg Walk map | gpx file | kml GE file | Google Photos
26 Jan Thu No short walk Australia Day
12 Jan Thu 8.00AM  Charnwood 6 met at the Shed & with Greg leading walked through Flynn past the Oval near the old Primary School path to Maccas for coffee & back through Flynn. We met Ted T at Maccas who was shaving his pension brekkie. After Drew had to race back to Maccas from Melba as he had left his backpack with wallet under the chair. It was still there when he returned. Phew! 1 hr 40m incl coffee break, distance 4.4Km. Walkers: Bob S, Drew, Terry, John M, Fitz, Greg  Walk map | gpx file | kml GE file | Google Photos
14 Jan Thu 8.00AM
Evatt – Melba 6 of us met by 8AM at Shed and walked along Ginninderra Creek and up past Copland College, Mt Rogers Primary, then stop for coffee at IGA at Melba. 3.3Km. (Don G, Greg, Fitz, John E, Ray O, Tony D) Short Melba walk map | gpx file | kml file

Map of Melba walk options

21 Jan Thu 8.00AM
Shed to Charnwood via Flynn return 5 of us met by 8AM at Shed and walked various footpaths through Flynn for coffee at Charnwood Maccas & return. We met Ted at Maccas, 4.0Km (Don G, Greg, Ray O, Tony D, Michael Malone) Short Charnwood walk map | gpx file | kml file

Map of walk options | gpx file

4 Feb Thu
Mt Rogers 5 of us met at Shed and drove to Wickens Place Fraser & then walked anti-clockwise around Mt Rogers, took a path down to The Spence Grocer at Spence shops where we partook of coffee & muffins. Service was good. We then returned up Moloney St and back onto Mt Rogers for the short stretch back to the cars, 3.7Km (Greg, Ray O, Michael Malone, John Edge, Colin Fitz) Pictures | Mt Rogers walk map | gpx file | kml file

Mt Rogers landcare Seat Notices around Mt Rogers

Mt Rogers landcare group blog

18 Feb Thu
Charnwood 4 met at the Shed & with Don leading walked along Ginninderra Ck path to Coffee Guru for coffee and back through Spence (Don, Michael, Tony, plus one)
31 Mar Thu
Lake Ginninderra 3 met at the Shed & walked via Ginninderra Ck path and around some of the lake to Black Pepper for coffee & back (Tony, Paul & Michael)
April 2016 Kippax Several met including Tony D at Shed & walked along Ginniderra Ck to Kippax for coffee & back
23 Jun Thur 8.00AM
Lake Ginninderra Greg & Tony drove to Diddams Close East and walked around Lake Ginninderra ~6.2Km with shortcuts, coffee at Ha Ha Bar