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4th Jan 2016 – Are you getting your postage stamp concession. From this date the cost of an ordinary stamp will be $1. It will now really pay to benefit from the Govt’s concession scheme. Those with a Govt Health Card (incl Pensioners) and those on a Seniors Health Card (not the standard Seniors Card) are eligible to receive the concession stamp rate of 60c for regular letters &  Christmas cards within Australia. To avail oneself of this you must register with AusPost for a MyPost Concession Account. This will allow you to receive 5 free stamps and the ability to purchase 50 per year at the concession rate Full details Also note from 4th Jan 2016 there will be two speeds of service, Regular Service which will take up to 2 extra business days to deliver a letter, and Priority Service which will deliver letters to the current timetable. The Concession stamps only apply for the Regular Service. If you wish to get the Priority delivery you will need to buy a Priority label next to the concession stamp. Priority Labels costs $0.50 from Post Offices as usual. Full Information here

1st Jan 2016 – Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card for interstate seniors to Sydney Region. Details are online here From 1st Jan 2016 interstate seniors with a valid State based seniors card (incl ACT) can no longer purchase the daily Pensioner Excursion Ticket (PET). We can only apply for the Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal Card. From 31 Oct 2016 it became easier for ACT Pensioners/Seniors. We can apply online but must use our exact name and address as it registered with Transport Canberra (TC) ACT (Was ACTION) with our Seniors card & MyWay card. Details are here. To apply this can all be now done online here | When the card arrives you can register on line & add funds to it. Pensioners can apply in a similar way to Seniors & online. Its a good idea for members to go into an Access Canberra shopfront & replace their current MyWay/Seniors card with an updated TC/Seniors card. You then need to ring 131710 & get any MyWay balance transferred to the new card. You should wait for at least a week after getting the new card before applying for an Opal card to allow the new card numbers to be registered with Transport for NSW.

National Health Coop runs 5 local medical clinics Brochure

Farmers Markets These operate at EPIC in Mitchell on Sat mornings 8-11AM. There is another Southside Farmers Market again at Woden CIT Campus, Phillip 8.00-11.30AM

The End of the World as we Know It. Forget man-made threats – the catalyst for the apocalypse will come from outer space, warns astronomer Chris Impey. An article by Impey was published in the Weekend Australian Magazine of 3-4 July 2010. Now you can read the article in the UK Independent. In this article he describes how the sun will, as part of its life cycle, expand and eventually burn up the earth in about 7.5 Billion years. Unfortunately in 500 Million years or so the heat from the sun will be so hot that life on earth will become impossible

Reconciliation Information from Melba Shed Newsletters March to May 2013 (note this is a 1.2MB pdf file) This date was collected by Drew McDonald from the Share Our Pride Reconcilation Australia website. Drew’s Indigenous timeline in excel format. A new toolkit released June 2013 Indigenous Governance Toolkit seems very well designed and may have some relevance for the rest of us as well

Commonwealth War Graves Newsletter – You can elect to subscribe and get your own sent to you

Official Publications about Anzac Centenary Celebrations You can download the report that has been mentioned in the press lately

Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours Mat McLachlan’s Tour Company organises small or group tours of various battlefields locations where Australians have fought including the Western Front, Gallipoli, Vietnam, etc. Invaluable information on how to visit such places as the western front in WW1

Planning & Belconnen Community Council Information

Sep 2016 – New Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan Approved

Westfield sold its approved development along Emu Bank & LDA sold block behind Labor Club for up to 800 apartments to Geocon

13th Aug 2014 – Amanda Whitley’s article on What does the future ‘Belco’ look like? A good article

Belconnen Community Council | On Facebook

The new council seems more communicative with the residents and has put more effort in seeking better planning for Belconnen and especially the Town Centre. However the relentless trend of hi-rise high density apartment blocks rolls on with the LDA selling the large block behind the Labor Club with a pre-approval for up to nearly 800 apartments

Geocon Development – Cnr Eastern Valley Way and Aikman Drive

This has now been built as the Wayfarer. The design is 32m lower than originally proposed & consists of fewer hotel rooms, less function space, less office space, no licensed club, or removal of restaurant & fewer parking spaces on site. The revised development includes 235 apartments, a 96 room hotel, shops, a gym and pool for residents and onsite parking. Link to ZIP file with all DA documents
Proposed ‘tallest tower’ revised down for Belconnen.
CT article from 17th Sep 2013 on proposed new DA with height of 26 storeys for the Geocon building
Friction reaches new heights. See this Canberra Times article of 8th March by Damien Haas of the BCC

Westfield Development on Emu Bank Items | Other Belconnen Town Centre Developments

ACTPLA Approved the Westfield Development on 29th Nov 2012. The decision is a large pdf document for Section 32-34 Block 52 Belconnen which cover the small strip of land along Emu Bank between Benjamin Way & Luxton St. The plan is to build three blocks of apartments, which from east to west, will be 24, 16 & 12 storeys each. The DA’s documents are many and run to 146MBytes of zipped data. You can download a zip file of all or view each plan here. Proposed Blgs North Elev | Proposed Blgs East Elev | Proposed Blgs Locality Plan. Aerial View of the site (Sep12) and view of where the buildings will be from Westfield docs. On 19th November Bob Salmond’s Letter to the Editor was published in the Canberra Times