Welcome to the Home Page of Melba Shed 

shed entry

You have reached this page as an interim point for entry to the Melba Shed web site. This is temporary as we transit from a Frames based site created in Dreamweaver to a responsive more modern site based on Wordpress 4.0

NOTE. Zuver are migrating our service to new hardware from 12th Nov 2014. As a result we have to update our name server to Zuvers own new DNS servers. There may be an outage for several days if we update the name servers early

Please visit this new Melba Shed site created in wordpress temporarily located here melbashed.net.au

Ultimately, and by Christmas 2014, this will be accessed as melbashed.com so if you have this bookmarked leave it as is.

From 7th Nov melbashed.net.au will be on new name servers so should work from 12th Nov

The current or old Melba Shed site is still available and located here melbashed.com/oldsite

This will not be updated (unless there is a serious error) after about 7 Nov 2014

From 7th Nov melbashed.com/oldsite will remain on existing name servers so should work until 12th Nov